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Kingdom Trails (Photo: Petri Viljoen)

The Hiking Trails
Hiking trails lead from camp to camp with a good day’s hike between each. A three-day hiking trail would start at Kingdom Camp, hiking to Slagthoek House; then Grootdraai Hut and ending at Klip/Stone Camp.

A suggested two-day hiking trail would overnight at Klip/Stone Camp and a hike on to Grootdraai Hut. Each hiking trail is approximately 12-14 km (except for the shorter Blue Foot Route). More information on camp facilities: Accommodation.

Kingdom Trails offers two main hiking trail routes, each with various options:

1. Kingdom Trail 2. Slagthoek Trail
  • Snaaksekrans Loop (13 km)
  • Paradors Loop (12 km)
  • Blue Foot Route (2 km)
  • God’s Window Loop (12 km)
  • Cycad Loop (11 km)
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Also see the Hiking Trails Map for more information.
  Kingdom Trails (Photos: Petri Viljoen)  

Kingdom Camp Trail
From Kingdom Camp there are three trails options:

1. Blue Foot Route (±2 km/±1 hr) - short, easy, relaxing walk on the riverbanks to a huge rock overlooking the distant mountains with the Wilge River below. The route is marked with blue trail foot markers.

2. Paradors/Donkerkloof Loop (±8 km/±4 hrs) - circular route ascending steeply behind Kingdom Camp in a westerly direction to open bushveld. The route also goes through a shady kloof and past a natural fountain surrounded by tree ferns. Mountain zebra and eland are often seen. Typical trees along this route include naboom and proteas. The route is marked with yellow trail foot markers.

3. Overnight Hike – Snaaksekrans Loop has two possibilities: a hike to (a) Slagthoek House or (b) Grootdraai Hut. The route is marked with white trail foot markers.

a. Hike to Slagthoek House: Crossing the Olifants River is necessary for this hike. Route starts with a gentle climb along the banks of a stream before ascending steeply onto the high ridge. There is a magnificent view of the Olifants/Wilge confluence and the path then descends down to the river itself. There are rocks and boulders to negotiate, but the scenery is breathtaking with several rapids and pools for cooling down - especially in the hot summer months. The trail crosses the Olifants River twice and after rain or during the rainy season the current can be quite strong when the river is high. There are two possibilities: hikers destined for Slagthoek House can turn left (distance ±3 km), or hikers can proceed to Grootdraai Hut with the path to the right (distance ±5 km). To reach Slagthoek House hikers must climb a steep gorge with numerous boulders.

b. Hike to Grootdraai Hut: From the river crossing the path ascends steeply towards Snaaksekrans which is visible in the distance. It then meanders along the cliff ridge above the Olifants River with spectacular views to the distant large pools. From Grootdraai Hut hikers go via Bamboeskloof which ascends to the south through wooded valleys to the upper high plateau linking Paradors Loop with Donkerkloof and Kingdom Camp.

Kingdom Trails (Photos: Petri Viljoen)

Slagthoek House Trail
Two circular hiking routes can be followed from Slagthoek House:

1. God’s Window Route (±12 km): Climbing gently from Slagthoek House the track continues to a viewpoint high above the Olifants River. There are magnificent views of the steep cliffs descending vertically down to the Olifants River far below. Eventually the track drops down via Gifkoppie to a large pool in the Olifants River. From there the track continues up a steep rocky ravine back to Slagthoek House.

2. Cycad Route (±11 km): A steady walk along an old farm road leads into Boschkloof farm to the south where a permanent, natural stream cascades down numerous waterfalls on its way down to the Olifants River. The route follows its course and eventually ascends through a cycad garden to a series of grass-covered valleys higher up. A link path here connects with the island crossing to Grootdraai Hut if preferred. For those opting to return to Slagthoek House the path continues with magnificent views to the west of Snaaksekrans and distant hills before descending back to Slagthoek House.

There is a link path from Slagthoek House to Grootdraai Hut connecting the Island Crossing Route (±6 km).

  Kingdom Trails (Photos: Petri Viljoen)  

General Notes

  • Hikers must bring their own sleeping bags, all food and drink. Charcoal and firewood can be supplied if arranged in advance (excluding Kingdom Camp).
  • “Donkey” boilers provide hot water for showers (Kingdom Camp, Klip/Stone Camp & Slagthoek House).
  • Game viewing drives may be booked in advance.
  • There are exciting abseiling opportunities. Visitors must bring all their own equipment. Climbing is, as for all other activities, at own risk.
  • Angling is offered at additional cost, but must be pre-arranged.
  • River rafting is seasonal. Several large quiet pools interspersed with cataracts and faster flowing water are ideal for rafting.
  • River crossings are not advisable during the summer months. Crocodiles are present and pose a potential danger when the river flow is high.
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